Admissions Policy

We are a community primary school and welcome all applicants, wherever they may live. We welcome visits to the school by families who may be interested in applying – just give us a call on 0151 487 5678 and we can make an appointment for you to come and see us.

It is usually possible to offer places to all who apply. If, however there are more applicants than places, the school has an admissions policy that is used to decide who has priority (shown below).

Children will be admitted to School and Nursery on the following basis:

1. That they have siblings already attending the school.

2. Distance from home to school.

3. Social and medical need. If this category is oversubscribed, the Governors will seek specialist advice from the Local authority , e.g. Local Authority Statementing Officer, Principal Educational Psychologist, etc.

If the above categories are oversubscribed, places will be offered on the basis of the safest pedestrian distance from the school. Please contact the school office for further information and to pick up your application form.

The admission policy for 2018/19 is printed in the local admissions booklet for September 2018 which is available on the Knowsley council website;-

Paper copies are available from Knowsley inclusion team (Admissions) by phoning 0151 443 5142/3. The booklet gives you all the information you’ll need to apply for school places.

Reception Class

Applications for places in the reception class are made between September and January each year. So applications for September 2018 must be received by 15 January 2018. It’s really important to apply on time. Details of how to apply and other useful information are given in the admission booklet. (If you live in another borough, contact your local authority for details of which form to use.)

Applications at Other Times

If you are moving to this area and are interested in a place for your child, please get in touch with the school. There is an in-year application form to complete which gives you notes and contact details. This is also available from the Knowsley Inclusion team (see above).

Nursery Admissions

We take pupils into the Nursery on a termly basis – the term following the child’s third birthday. There is a local authority nursery booklet which includes the application form available on the Knowsley Council website. You can use this form wherever you live.

NB Obtaining a place in the nursery does not give your child any priority for admission to reception class – you still need to apply for a reception place at the right time.

Appeal Procedures

If a child is not granted a place, parents have the right of appeal to an Independent Panel. Parents should contact Knowsley Education Authority for information.


Contact the School

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